Update 6

For the 4th of July I picked up a bunch of BBQ stuff at the supermarket. I FILLED up the car to the brim. Noticed my hood was bowing from being overfilled! As soon as I took the stuff out it went back to normal, no permanent damage! But be careful when putting a lot of crap in the trunk. Didn’t even notice this until I got home.

Testarossa Hood

Update 4

So my passenger side window stopped working. Luckly it was just a simple fix, mechanic didn’t even charge me. It fell off the line its on so it was adjusted and fixed.

I also changed my gear knob to a new one because I wanted to see the nice white lettering

 Testarossa Shift Knob

As far as my spoiler I have painted it black and will continue to use it until I get more used to it.

 Testarossa front spoiler

Update 3

Ok so you cannot fix too much into the car! I tried my damndest to stuff this beanbag into the car…no way. That’s not to say there isn’t ANY room in the car. You can buy tons of groceries. Between behind the seats, the front trunk, and the passenger seat, you can fit a lot into the car…for what it is, a sports car. However as you can see there is a point that you cannot cross. You can’t even try. For what’s its worth this would not have fit into my last car either!




Update 2

So far the biggest problems with the car are as follows:

1) The spoiler is SUPER low. This means you WILL scratch it no matter what. Consider it part of the maintenance of this car. If you are driving it around town you are bound to hear a gross crrrreeaaakkkkk sound and you will cringe. But the pain will pass…Keep in mind you don’t have to replace the entire spoiler but rather its just a ‘fix’ Body shops can do it for you under 1k no problem. So basically you will be doing this once a year.

2) The power steering is tough at low speeds. I have successfully parallel parked but it was HARD. I am considering adding power steering for 3k but so far I am not going to do this

Mechanical Fix

$5500 – 30K major service at BlackHorse Motorsports (GREAT guys they are the best)
$1471 – Tachometer, A/C Repair, Temp Sender, Front Struts, Rear Struts, Emblem replacement, Mirror Switch, Fuse box working, Driver door lock (BlackHorse Motorsports)
$800 – Rims changed back to oringinal look from polish (BlackHorse Motorsports)